Women's Rights 

Women's Rights 



As a husband and father of 3 girls, I believe that women should have the autonomy to decide what is best for their bodies. Roe v. Wade is not about abortions, do not let right-wing religious fanatics blur their obsession to control women’s bodies with their perverted moral obligation to defend God’s will. Overturning Roe v. Wade will prevent millions of women across our country from obtaining safe equitable reproductive healthcare services. Being pregnant is not an isolated medical event. Often, pregnancy can be accompanied by more acute and severe medical conditions. If Roe v. Wade is struck down, it could trigger a large cascading effect on women’s healthcare that will marginalize many women throughout our country. 


I believe unequivocally that women should always have the right to control their bodies and what happens to their bodies. Decisions related to women’s reproductive health are personal, these decisions should not be subjected to judicial, legislative, or public scrutiny. There are no other healthcare issues or procedures subjected to such public ridicule than Women's reproductive rights. Women's bodies should not be controlled by vindictive judicial or legislative practices that fundamentally oppose the freedoms upon which our republic was founded. 


Although Roe v. Wade is codified law here in Delaware, the election (or re-election) of political candidates who do not support “Pro-choice legislation” can destroy years of advancement for women’s rights in Delaware. State legislators, like Representative Kevin Hensley, do not support women that demand ownership over their bodies. Just because we have codified laws in Delaware supporting Women’s reproductive rights today, does not prevent legislators like Rep. Hensley from introducing new laws to unravel the progress we have made here in Delaware in the future. If given the opportunity, Rep. Hensley would propose legislation that will pierce the private and sacred spaces of women’s examination rooms in Delaware. Legislation that could limit or eliminate discussions women have with their medical providers that will impact their healthcare choices in Delaware. 


I am a firewall that will stop Republicans like Rep. Hensley from invading sacred spaces and undermining our civil liberties and destroying our constitutional rights. My loyalty and advocacy for Women’s rights are not subjected to national party talking points or misogynistic religious hyperbole. I am a pro-choice candidate! You have the right to control your bodies! I will protect your civil liberties! Most of all — I support women! 

Key Issues for the 9th District:
  • Women's Health Care

  • Maternity Care

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Care 

  • Birth Control and Contraception

  • Freedom to choose