Move Delaware Forward

I am a community activist working to improve our quality of life in the 9th Representative District and to protect our fundamental rights throughout Delaware. I am running as a 9th District Democratic candidate, to ensure our government is working for the benefit of all our district members. The challenges we face in the 9th District stretches the political gambit from roadways and infrastructure to mental health reform. However, many of these issues are not new to us. Instead, they continue to present challenges to our everyday quality of life.

 I have over 20 years of service in the U.S. Army, between Active Duty, the Reserves and National Guard. I am a graduate of Western Michigan University, where I earned my law degree. I am also a two-time graduate of Cheyney University, where I earned my Masters degree in Public Administration and a Bachelors degree in Social Relations. I am married and have a blended family that is fully engaged to making our community better. I am working to bring awareness and hope to 9th District members who believe in equity and equality on issues that directly impact our everyday lives. 

Why am I choosing to run for the 9th RD Seat?

I have chosen to run for the 9th District Seat, because the Republican incumbent has failed to support meaningful legislation that benefits all his constituents. After several terms in office,  Rep. Kevin Hensley has failed to promote or support legislation that many of our  families and neighbors find beneficial. Moreover, Rep. Hensley and his Republican colleagues have privately waged war on fundamental rights such as voting. It is the Republican Party's elected leaders objective to make voting much harder for members of our district, by refusing to support mail order ballots and early voting. Therefore, after much reflection and encouragement from family, friend and community members, I decided to run for Delaware's 9th District Representative Seat.

It is time to fire Representative Hensley and bring the 9th RD back into the Democratic fold. When reviewing Representative Hensley’s legislative record, it is clear his objectives do not reflect the changing demographics and values of the Middletown, Odessa and Townsend. Now is the time to hold Representative Hensley accountable for his poor legislative record. Legislators who engage in obstructionist politics have no place in our statehouse. If we want policies that work for the entire 9th District, then Representative Hensley must go. I am the candidate whose views and values are most reflective of our entire community. In reviewing my platform, you will see that my vision for the 9th District is beneficial for all members living in the Middletown, Odessa and Townsend communities, not just some.