Expanded Mental Health Services

Our mental health system is broken. But the good news is more and more Delawareans are receiving mental health services. We must continue to ensure Delawarean’s accessibility to mental health resources. I will advocate for the development and funding of more mental health programs, such as prevention services, early intervention services, integration and community support services, and recovery services. Additionally, I want to ensure that all school districts in Delaware have school mental health practitioners on payroll. Delaware schools should not outsource the responsibility of caring for our students to third party organizations, that may subject our students to rotating social workers or mental health staff. Familiarity and consistency are key in the treatment and recovery of anyone being affected by mental illness or mental health emergencies. It is important for Delaware's schools to have mental health staff integrated into the school community to ensure that these relationships are being fostered and the lines of communications are free flowing. The visibility of mental health staff in schools, should be as vital as seeing a Principal walk his school’s halls. 

Now is the time for Delaware to create an "emergency intervention mechanism" to allow family members and friends the opportunity to seek emergency intervention on behalf of individuals who need immediate mental health treatment. I will work with lawmakers and mental health professionals to help create an “emergency intervention mechanism” in Delaware, like the ones in our neighboring states. By instituting an "emergency intervention mechanism" for immediate mental health evaluation and triage, we can exponentially reduce the number of Delawareans experiencing a medical emergency from encountering our criminal justice system. This will ultimately lower the number of people with mental health issues from being warehoused in our local jails and prisons. Mental health intervention should not require Delawareans to enter our criminal justice system for help. We can change how individuals dealing with mental health issues are treated in Delaware! We can demand treatment over incarceration for Delawareans needing mental health treatment! 


Mental Health Key Changes:

  • Involuntary civil commitment resource

  • Expanded mental health emergency triage care

  • Drug rehabilatation program 

  • Access to transitional and longterm mental health services

  • Improved mental health facilities