There are many benefits to living in the 9th District, we have the best school district in Delaware, we are a growing suburbia with new infrastructure popping up daily. But we have underlining issues and concerns as our community changes from rural farmland to becoming Delaware’s largest metropolitan area. We are faced with infrastructure inequalities that limit internet access to large swaths of our community. Our roadways have become inundated with more vehicles. Our commute times to and from work have drastically increased as people have returned to work. Despite our continued investments in our highways and roadways, the fact remains, travel by private vehicles consumes a large portion of our day in the MOT area. 

Unfortunately, when talking about population increases as large as the 9th District, we must consider the safety of our community. The lack of police coverage below the canal is a clear and present danger to our safety. Police response times can vary depending on the availability and the deployment of officers throughout the county. The travel time for first responders to get patients experiencing medical emergencies to a full-service medical facility is also a real concern for our district. These are known issues and concerns that have been ignored for too long.

It is time that we have a Representative that is concern with the real issues affecting our communities. Issues that directly impact every family and business within the 9th District. If you support expanded public transportation, internet accessibility, a diversified school district, expanded senior care and a more accessible state government, then I am the candidate for you! 

Key Issues for the 9th District:


  • Roadways and infrastructure

  • Population growth

  • Internet accessibility

  • Senior issues

  • Public Safety