Multi-ethnic group of people registering at polling station decorated with American flags

I am running to protect our voting rights and to ensure our voices are heard when we cast our ballots. Representative Hensley's support for stricter voting laws furthers a false narrative that our 2020 election cycle was compromised or stolen despite evidence that disproves any compromise or defect in our election system or its results. As the 9th District Representative,

I will fight to ensure every eligible voter who can vote, has the ability to vote freely. The idea that the previous election cycle was stolen has been a call to arms by many Republicans who want to weaponize our laws to exclude as many Delawareans as possible from participating in our democracy. 

The facts are that over 100 million Americans were able to participate in the 2020 Election by either early in-person voting, mail-in ballots, or drop off boxes. In Delaware, we saw voter participation increase by 7% statewide compared to previous election cycles. Delawareans who participated in the 2020 election cycle, had the choice of traditional in-person voting at the polls, absentee ballots, or vote by mail. Delawareans were able to exercise their vote without any confirmed reports of fraud or misconduct. It is clear that Representative Hensley wants to exclude large swaths of the 9th District from voting based on lies and conspiracies about voter fraud, stolen elections, or election security. 


I will support legislation such as  HB75 that will expand voting opportunities for all Delawareans and ensure that the integrity of our elections is protected. I will fight to make sure every Delawarean who is eligible to vote, can vote. One person, one vote! 

Voting Rights Key Changes:

  • ​Increase Voter participation

  • Permanent Early Voting Opportunities

  • Automatic Voter Registration